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Canyoning in the Sorba

Mindestalter: 11 Jahre
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Saison: 19. April - 30. September
Treffpunkt: We meet at our base (13023 Campertogno, Province of Vercelli, Italy)
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Donnerstag, 28. Mai
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In crystal clear waters, you will find an outdoor playground. Between jumps, water slides and abseiling spots, the time will pass without even noticing. The Sorba stream is perfect for canyoning - come and find us in Valsesia!

Tour programme
- Preparation:
Once you have parked your car in front of our office, you will be welcomed in our canyoning center. Here you will be provided with the necessary equipment for the excursion. Once you heard our brief welcome introduction you can put on the equipment.
- Tour:
We start from our base on foot and after a 25min walk, we will reach the canyon. Your guide will accompany you step by step in order to make all the more complicated parts as accessible as possible.
- Arrival:
At the end, we will take you back to the base.

Tour facts
- Canyon: Sorba
- Description: The river Sorba is characterised by unspoiled nature and crystal clear waters, its last section is part of the fly fishing reserve of Piode.
- Total duration: 3h30min - 4h
- Time in the canyon: 2h30min

Included Services
- Complete canyoning equipment
- Qualified guide
- High class harness and rope material
- Transfer to the starting point and back to the base
- Photos

Bring along
- Swimwear
- Microfleece or thermal t-shirt
- A second pair of shoes (which can get wet)
- Towel
- Glasses lace

- Minimum age: 11 years
- Physical health
- Swimming ability

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