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Hydrospeed on the Sesia - Sesia Gorge Tour

Mindestalter: 14 Jahre
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Mittel
Saison: April 19 - September 30
Treffpunkt: We meet at our base (13023 Campertogno, Province of Vercelli, Italy)
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Dauer: 3.5 Stunden

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Thursday, 28 May
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Hydrospeed is the most refreshing experience you can do: you will be totally immersed in the water of the river and, followed by expert guides, you will face rapids and waves of the river.

Tour programme
- Preparation:
Once you arrive at the base at the agreed time, you will fill in the registration forms. You can leave your valuables in the secretariat and put on the wetsuit that will be given to you. Once ready it will be time for a quick theoretical lesson followed by the transfer to the river, at the starting point.
- Tour:
After practicing with the paddle in the water a few times, the descent will begin. On the route you will stop in a small lake to take a dive from a natural rock springboard.
- Arrival:
At the exit point, the buses will take us back to the base where you can use our facilities. In our base you will find a beautiful garden where you can sunbathe, a bar, a football field and a tennis court.

Tour facts
- River: Sesia
- Description: The river is much appreciated by lovers of rafting, not only for the beautiful rapids but also because it is an ideal place to practice water sports for the first time.
- Route: Scopetta - Barmuccia
- Distance: 4.5km
- Total duration: 3h30min
- Time on the river: 1h15min

Included Services
- Neoprene equipment (wetsuit, vest, socks, life jacket)
- Transfer to the starting point and back to the base

Bring along
- Swimwear
- Microfleece or thermal t-shirt
- A second pair of shoes (which can get wet)
- Towel
- Glasses lace

- Minimum age: 14 years
- Physical health
- Swimming ability

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