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Courmayeur is located at the Nord-West of Aosta valley, with an elevation of 1,224 m, at South foot of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc with 4,810 m.
There are three reasons why you should freeride in Courmayeur Mont Blanc: perfect snow conditions, plenty of variety and outstanding scenarios.

Courmayeur Mont Blanc has different freeride zones. These areas are reached by taking the upper side of the ski resort. From Youla and Arp cable cars you will find wide valleys, couloir, unbeaten lines. The adventures have different sun exposures meaning excellent snow conditions, and powder, throughout the season.

Arp Dolonne or Dolonne Couloir
The run starts at the top of Arp gondola, at some 2,755 meters.
The journey is characterized by large valleys meaning different possibilities for unbeaten lines. The skiers would be able to find the best way down to Dolonne with a vertical drop of 1,542 meters.

The piste is north-eastern facing and pretty good conditions are found generally.
The itinerary ends at Dolonne bubbles with easy access to the Courmayeur ski resort.

In brief:
Duration: 2,5hrs
Difficulty level: Intermediate/Advanced

Arp Vieille or Vesse Couloir
Exiting Youla gondola, the skier will experience north-facing descent with a vertical drop of 1,114 meters. The itinerary ends at Zerotta chairlift and, once again, the skier will use the chair to reach other off-piste slopes easily.

In brief:
Duration: 2,5hrs
Difficulty level: Intermediate/Advanced

Heading to Monte Bianco Skyway cable car, you will reach the Mont Blanc peak of Helbronner; and off-pistes are found as follow:

Thoula glacier
The famous run, which takes the name of the glacier, starts at the top of Helbronner Peak, at some 3,462 m. The itinerary lasts 12 kilometers descent with 2,000 meters of vertical drop.
Stunning panoramas and breathtaking peaks will make your day.

Duration: 2hrs
Difficulty level: Intermediate/Advanced

Marbrée glaciers, Mont Fréty and odly name “Canale del Cesso”
Helbronner Peak is reached by Monte Bianco Skyway and is the starting point of different advance to expert off-piste areas. The areas are characterized by couloirs and gullies which leads to multiple hours of exploring, ski safari and freeride.
Itineraries have descents of greater than 40 degrees and your heart will start pumping hard, it is a promise!

Duration: 2hrs +
Difficulty level: Advanced/Expert

Pavillion woods
The itinerary is reached by stopping at Pavillion, halfway of the Monte Bianco Skyway, at 2,173 m. The journey is appropriate for intermediate skiers, heading down the valley for some 900 meters of vertical descent back to La Palud village.

Duration: 2hrs
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Please enquire in case of need of rucksack, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe; mandatory for the journey.

Always plan your journey on the glacier with a certified guide due to the dangers of crevasses and the risk of avalanches.

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