A snowboarder is riding down a powder snow slope during his Private Snowboarding Lessons - February with the ski school ESI Dévoluy.



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La Joue du Loup - Curso de snowboard privado para todos los niveles

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Clases de snowboard
Inglés, Francés, Español
Todos los niveles de cualificación
La Joue du Loup, SuperDévoluy
Lugar de encuentro
On the snow front, at the ESI chalet, recognizable by our blue and white banners (in front of the residence Les Mélèzes)
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  Booking information:

The 5 pm slot is reserved only for those who have never snowboarded before.

1 hora

Siguiente fecha disponible:

domingo, 7 de febrero
Horas de inicio:

para 1 participante

1.5 horas

Siguiente fecha disponible:

domingo, 7 de febrero
Horas de inicio:

para 1 participante

2 horas

Siguiente fecha disponible:

domingo, 7 de febrero
Hora de inicio:

para 1 participante


Whether you want to start snowboarding or want to improve in no time, our private snowboarding lessons in Le Dévoluy are the option you need.

Our private snowboarding lessons are suitable for all ages and levels. And for good reason: you work closely with your experienced instructor who will provide you with a tailor-made program according to your needs and goals. Children from 7 years old, beginners, experts... Everyone will benefit and progress quickly thanks to full attention and personalized advice.

You can choose all the parameters, from the meeting point to the lesson content, even the number of participants, if you want to benefit from this effective method for learning with family or friends. Moreover, if you are new to snowboarding, you can even enjoy a special evening session from 5 pm, away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, to learn the basics at your own pace!

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