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Courmayeur - Ski Private Instructor All Day for Adults/Children

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Courmayeur, La Rosière, Monte Rosa, La Thuile

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There are places to explore and experience to live.
These experiences should be authentic and unique.
I won’t organize just a private or group lesson as traditional ski schools.
You will live and explore the mountains!
We will plan the day ahead together to make a perfect adventure.
I will calibrate the teaching to make your day!

When starting a session, please expect to be asked about your goals, objectives and skiing history.
Do not worry if you don’t know what those are, we will find the way for a constructive conversation to help find out what you need and want from the lesson.
There is no test for ability or pressure to be added, throughout these conversations and some skiing we will make up an action plan for our sessions.
Sometimes is very easy, like being guided to top lunch table of the resort; other times guests have more technical aims.
Regardless, lessons will be tailored to your need as individual skier and not sticked to my pre-planned agenda.
From session, you will learn from explanation, demonstration, practice and video.
You are free to follow me, be followed or being asked to find your way down the valley freely, picking up your route.
Style of lesson is flexible to suit your learning capabilities, needs and abilities; you can expect what you really want with good chat and lots of fun, promise!

The ski lesson includes:
1) Video footage to analyze good and bad habits. On the way up with lifts, it is an opportunity to see and analyze the videos, to improve body movements for your next run.
2) In the evening, a complete analysis of the videos is prepared to highlight the necessary technical improvements and exercises to be practiced. I will be available for questions and clarifications.
3) During the season, additional technical and educational tips are available by submitting LIVE videos and photo shoots. Continuous training is offered to my students.
4) Coming soon WIRELESS RADIO: two-way communication, hands-free, range 500 meters, to improve communication and technique LIVE with time optimization.

Ski instructor fully qualified in Italy (Diploma di Maestro di Sci), Federal Coach 1st level (Allenatore Federale 1° livello) and France (Moniteur National de Ski Alpin - Brevet d'État d'Éducateur Sportif).

Pietro M. Dalmasso

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Gediplomeerde skileraar (Frankrijk)

Pietro M. Dalmasso heeft het hoogste opleidingsniveau voor skileraren in Frankrijk bereikt

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