Skiers are following their ski instructor from the ski school Evolution 2 Tignes on a snowy slope during their Private Ski Lessons for Adults - Holiday - Afternoon. 



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Private Ski Lessons for Adults - Holiday - Afternoon

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Skilessen voor volwassenen
Deens, Duits, Portuguees, Engels, Russisch, Nederlands, Spaans, Italiaan, Frans
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Tignes - Le Lac 2100, Tignes - Les Brévières 1550, Tignes - Val Claret
Trefpunt: In front of our office beside the restaurant "Le Coffee" and just down from the Tufs chair lift
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  Important - Week of February 16:

Private lessons are only available from Tignes le Lac and Tignes Val Claret. From Monday 17 to Friday 21, the last available slot is 12 - 1:30 pm.

1.5 uur

Volgende beschikbare datum:

zondag, 12 april

voor 1 deelnemer

3 uur - Not available the week of February 16

Volgende beschikbare datum:

zondag, 12 april

voor 1 deelnemer

Volledige dag (8 uur/dag) - Not available the week of February 16

Volgende beschikbare datum:

zondag, 12 april

voor 1 deelnemer


During the school holidays, take advantage of your stay in Tignes to (re)learn to ski with confidence thanks to our private ski lessons for adults in the afternoon.

You have the total freedom to create a completely tailor-made lesson: duration, program, starting point... You will benefit from the expertise of a passionate instructor who will help you achieve your goals during the time you have together. On a one-on-one session or in small groups with friends and family, you will make spectacular progress and enjoy exploring the slopes of the Tignes ski area.

Whether you are just starting out in skiing, want to regain confidence, learn new skills or just ski with a professional, our private ski lessons will allow you to learn and enjoy at your own pace while receiving personalized advice that will help you in a sustainable way.



2 dagen (1.5 uur/dag)

26 februari 2020

"We had a very good teacher Rafael. He taught us very well. Very patient and kind. Super! "

  Prijs-kwaliteitverhoudingLocatielokale kennisServicekwaliteit van de instructiesvooruitgang


2 dagen (3 uur/dag)

25 februari 2020

"Alex is Top"

  Locatielokale kennisServicekwaliteit van de instructiesvooruitgangPrijs-kwaliteitverhouding


2 dagen (1.5 uur/dag)

17 februari 2020

"Prof très patient. Sympa. Enseignement des techniques efficace. Merci "

  Locatielokale kennisServicekwaliteit van de instructiesvooruitgangPrijs-kwaliteitverhouding

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Evolution 2 Tignes is een gecertificeerde snowboardschool in Frankrijk

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