Ein Skifahrer lernt das Skifahren bei der Aktivität "Skikurs für Erwachsene für Anfänger" mit dem Anbieter ESI Grand Massif.



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Skikurs für Erwachsene für Anfänger

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Skikurse für Erwachsene
Englisch, Französisch
Anfänger, Leicht fortgeschritten
Treffpunkt: At the top of the magic carpet, Flaine Forêt
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  KOSTENLOSE Stornierung mit vollständiger Rückerstattung bis 24 Stunden vor Start der Aktivität

6 Tage (2.5 h/Tag)

Nächste Termine:

Sonntag, 20. Dezember - Freitag, 25. Dezember
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5 Tage (2.5 h/Tag)

Nächste Termine:

Montag, 21. Dezember - Freitag, 25. Dezember
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You can always refine your technique in skiing! With the ESI Grand Massif, give yourself the opportunity to progress in your skiing practice, and take advantage of it to have a good time in a group!

These ski lessons are for beginners from 15 years old, whether you have never skied before or are already confident on the green slopes. Groups of levels and ages are formed at the beginning of the course, which allows you to ski in a homogeneous group and progress. To learn, to have fun, or to discover the massif, every opportunity is good to join a training course!



5 Tage (2.5 Stunden/Tag)

19. Januar 2019

"I had booked groupslessons for monday till friday for beginners. I was lucky and got private lessons with one other. The teacher spoke good English en thaught me a lot. He gave personal tips and had fun in teaching it. Every day I learned something new. It was really worth the money and I would also recommend it to other people."

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6 Tage (2.5 Stunden/Tag)

11. Januar 2019

"Fantastic set of lessons from ESI. My instructor, Michel, was lovely and mu skiing improved massively this week! Also because there was not enough group booking ESI offered to let me join lessons with one other person for same price which was very kind of them. Really good professional considerate company"

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ESI Grand Massif


Zertifizierte Snowboardschule (Frankreich)

ESI Grand Massif ist eine offiziell lizenzierte Snowboardschule in Frankreich

Zertifizierte Skischule (Frankreich)

ESI Grand Massif ist eine offiziell lizenzierte Skischule in Frankreich

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