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Canyoning for Adventurers - Wunzenschlucht

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Moeilijkheidsgraad: Gemiddeld, Zwaar
Trefpunt: At our base (Flattach 135, 9831 Flattach)
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Canyoning in the Wunzen canyon is the ultimate canyoning experience for all of you who want to re-connect with nature. Many say this tour is the classic in Carinthia which every canyoning enthusiast should have mastered once in his or her lifetime. A lot of challenging abseiling passages are the trademark of this tour. You will safely hang from a rope, while the water masses hit the rocks under you. You will be accompanied by one of our state-certified guides, who will take care of your safety.

Tour programme
- Preparation:
We meet at our base in Flattach. Our guides will hand out the suitable equipment to you. In addition you will get a detailed safety briefing, before we drive to the canyon.
- Tour:
After a 20 minutes walk up the canyon the fun can begin. We will have 3 hours of pure canyoning until we arrive at the end.
- Arrival:
Then we will bring you back to the camp, where you can relax for the rest of the day.

Tour facts
- Canyon: Wunzenschlucht (Difficulty level: moderate- difficult)
- Description: The Wunzn is one of the top canyoning gorges in Carinthia. The canyon is characterized by many challenging abseils.
- Abseiling height: Up to 40 m
- Jumps: Up to 4 m
- Waterslide length: Up to 6 m
- Total duration: appr. 4 hours
- Time in canyon: appr. 3 hours

Included services
- Transfer to the point of entry and back to the base
- State-certified canyoning guide
- High class harness and rope material
- Complete canyoning equipment

Bring along
- Swimwear
- Towel
- Ankle-high sports or mountain shoes

- Swimming ability
- Physical health
- Surefootedness
- No fear of heights
- Minimum age: 14

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