The Top 4 Volcano Boat Tours in Santorini’s Caldera

Views of the coastline of Santorini during the sunset.

The ancient island of Santorini constitutes a wonderland of rich culture and history, with  nature unique to its island. According to Greek mythology, the island was created from a chunk of earth thrown into the sea by Euphemus, son of Poseidon.

Santorini (originally named Thira) is the aftermath of an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the first settlements of once a single island and created the geological Caldera that now lies in the Aegean Sea

Now, the island is a world-known destination for its spectacular cliff formations, black sand beaches, steep and narrow streets, with an active volcano that lies under the island’s volcanic depression. Many boat tours offer the chance to discover this unique underwater crater. We show you some helpful tips & advice to help you find the perfect boat tour, or perhaps inspire the next location for your upcoming trip!

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Where to ski near Milan: 3 resorts within 2.5 hours

Mountains of Gressoney with snow

Milan’s strategic location, between Valle d’Aosta and Trentino, means that this city is literally surrounded by ski slopes. As most ski resorts are located three or more hours from Milan, it might seem tricky to organise a spontaneous trip to the slopes. However, with our suggestions about the closest slopes to Milan, you won’t have to drive too long to enjoy a fun weekend getaway on the slopes!

So, if you’re wondering where to ski in Lombardy near Milan, keep reading! We’ll introduce you to three ski resorts within two and a half hours away from Milan, easily reachable by car: Monte Pora, Chiesa in Valmalenco and Gressoney La Trinité. Here, you can spend a great day on the slopes with your friends, or you can learn how to ski with the help of the local ski schools mentioned in this article.

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New Languages on the CheckYeti Blog: Danish, Polish, Czech, and Swedish

A family goes skiing during their winter holidays and take ski lessons from ski schools.

Thanks to our latest update, the CheckYeti Blog now offers you an extensive overview of some of our most popular destinations and their ski schools all across Europe in four new languages: Danish, Polish Czech, and Swedish!

From Val Thorens in France, to Zermatt in Switzerland, you can build up a picture of the main ski schools and different lessons you can book, so you can easily find the right activity for your winter holidays!

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The level system in French ski schools explained

If you look for children’s ski lessons in France, chances are you’ll come across terms like “Piou Piou” or “Petit Yeti”. But what does that mean? They are titles of medals given by French ski schools to children once they have successfully finished a ski lesson. Find out which award children get for which lessons and what they represent.  

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