4-day itinerary in Istria – The best activities in Pula, Brijuni, Lim Fjord and Rovinj

Our itinerary through Istria lets you explore this paradise Peninsula surrounded by the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, the Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf. This history-filled and boosting nature peninsula is shared by three countries: Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.

From its picturesque villages hidden in the countryside to magnificent sea landscapes, this region offers endless attractions with thriving beauty, culture as well as natural heritage. In this 4-day itinerary, we take you to explore some of the most significant landmarks of the Istrian region of Croatia: Pula, Brijuni National Park, Lim Fjord and Rovinj.

Our itinerary shows a glimpse of what you can expect to see and which outdoor activities you can enjoy during your holiday in Istria. We will also introduce you to some activities with which you can explore this beautiful region even better, such as snorkeling, kayaking and last but not least: boat trips!

Istria Itinerary Day 1: Sightseeing and Kayaking in Pula

A beautiful secluded beach in Pula with people enjoying water sports activities.

Pula is considered the economic centre of Istria county. Located on the south tip of the Istrian Peninsula, you must visit the ancient cultural landmarks built by the Romans such as the amphitheatre, together with contemporary art attractions such as the “Lighting Giants” made of eight huge cranes with built-in light colours that transform at night and light up Pula’s sky.

Not only will you find a boosting cultural scene, but you can also enjoy the sun and sea thanks to its unspoiled pebbled beaches secluded coves and rocky cliffs. On Pula’s coast, you will find amazing spots straight out of a dream, with crystal-clear water.
During your stay in Pula, make sure to visit Beach Hawaii, just a ten-minute drive from Pula’s city centre as well as Gortan Cove and Valovine Beach right in the heart of Pula, a wonderful oasis to relax or practise some of your favourite water sports.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to discover Pula’s magnificent coastline without having to drive or walk around, kayaking is the perfect way to do so. Together with your family and friends, you can explore the coves and caves of Premantura, only 20 minutes south of the city of Pula, it is definitely worth seeing.

Shaped by small islands, hidden caves and secluded coves, with Cape Kamenjak at its tip, this beautiful panorama of the Adriatic Sea will leave you speechless. The options in Pula are endless: boat trips, diving, paddle surfing or coasteering are just some of the activities you can experience.

Istria Itinerary Day 2: Visit Brijuni National Park

Panoramic view of Brijuni National Park in Istria, Croatia.

For our second day in Istria, we travel up north to one of Croatia’s national parks: Brijuni National Park. This string of 14 islands and islets lies on the western coast of Istria. Only reachable by boat, you most likely need to travel to the town of Fažana and take a boat that will take you to the park. Here is where most of the boat trips depart from, and Fazana is a charming little town with just 3,700 inhabitants. Even though it may seem like a major trip, it is definitely worth the effort.

This protected park is home to a byzantine castrum, a safari park, dinosaur footprints, a Mediterranean garden and many more remarkable attractions. You will find plenty of activities to do here: hiking, cycling or sightseeing, Brijuni has a history of its own.

To get to the park, the only way is to take a boat trip, departing from the town of Fažana and also from Pula’s harbour. Depending on your preference, you can either take a guided boat tour or rent your own boat, which will make for an even better adventure! Whatever it may be, you cannot miss a day trip to Brujini National Park.

Istria Itinerary Day 3: A boat trip to the canal of the Limski Fjord

Beautiful view of the canal of the Limski Fjord

On our third day, we will be visiting Lim Bay. Located near Rovinj and Vrsar on the western coast of Istria and south of Poreč, this unique canal stretches 13 km and flows into the Adriatic Sea. 20 minutes away from Rovinj and 45 minutes from Fažana, it is together with Brujini, one of Istria’s most prominent natural enclaves.

Here lies an upland landscape framed by steep mountains on both sides, reaching 100 metres high, giving shape to a fjord of untouched greenery and lush vegetation. The unique composition of water in the bay, partly brackish, allows for the growth of sea life, thus making it a place for fish and oyster farming, which you can feast upon in restaurants on the coastal bay.

The best way to enjoy a day in the canal is by taking a day-trip boat, where you will visit the spectacular cliffs and even get to swim in its waters. For a stress-free day, many boat trips include lunch on board with fresh fish and drinks along the way. Other activities for more adventurous visitors include free climbing and mountain biking.

Istria Itinerary Day 4: Explore the old town of Rovinj

We arrive at Rovinj for our last day. This charming fishing port town is located south of the Lim Canal, 7 kilometres from the channel’s outflow. The old town of Rovinj is built upon a small island, reminiscent of a romantic fairy tale. It is also a tourist centre due to its Mediterranean climate, popular traditions and festivities linked to the town’s fishermen background. Walking on its streets, you will find quaint shops, art galleries, colourful houses and lively terraces. 

Rovinj inspires a peaceful atmosphere, where you can spend a memorable day exploring its beauty. If you want to take it up a notch, we will board a sunset boat trip to end this amazing trip across Istria. You can also go dolphin watching or try scuba diving at a certified diving centre.

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