The top 5 Ziplines in Croatia: which to choose for maximum fun?

Croatia has many amazing zipline locations to choose from, but here are the 5 best ones. In the article, I will talk about:

  • The zipline in Krk, which is probably the most impressive, since it’s the longest of them all, covering a distance of 2400 meters.
  • The one in Plitvice Lakes National Park, which, despite being made of only one zip, is the longest lying zipline in Europe
  • and many others.

The different locations, altitudes, and views make each zipline experience completely unique, creating indescribable emotions and memories. 

The following table will give you an overview of the characteristics of each zipline.  The order in which these ziplines are mentioned in the article is not intended as a ranking. The routes are listed in order of the number of ziplines: from the route with the most ziplines to the one with the least. Later, I will go into more detail about the area in which they are located and talk about the characteristics of the routes. 

LocationLandscapeProviderNumber of zipsDistanceMinimum age
Krk, Primorje-Gorski– South of the island towards Baska and the island of Prvić
– Adriatic Sea
Edison Zipline Krk82400m11 years (5 if in tandem with the instructor)
Omiš, Dalmatia– Gorges of the Cetina
– Cetina River
Zipline Omiš Croatia82100m7 years
Split, Dalmatia– Mountain Kozjak
– Adriatic Sea
Zip Line Split62590m10 years
Tučepi, Dalmatia– Makarska Riviera
– Adriatic Sea
Tip-Extreme Travel Agency61000m5 years
Plitvice, Lika-Senj– Plitvice Lakes National ParkZipline Plitvice11700m7 years

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1) Krk, fun for everybody along the 8 ziplines

©Edison Zipline Krk

Krk, Croatia’s largest island and part of the Quarnerine archipelago, is a green and lush island. The pine forests on the coast offer a typically Mediterranean landscape with its countless singing cicadas and spectacular views.

Ziplining in Krk is wonderful because of the view of the south of the island you will admire from the air. The route consists of 8 ziplines with a total length of 2400m. The experience is suitable for children from the age of 5 and, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h, allows for a gentle but exciting descent where you can enjoy the view at its best.
The meeting point for the zipline in Krk is at the Batomalj monument of the Glagolitic letter A. It can be reached in 13 minutes by car from the towns of Krk and Baška, as well as in 1 hour from Rijeka.

2) Omiš, 8 ziplines on the Cetina River

Omiš is a small Croatian town in the region of Dalmatia. It is located right where the Cetina River flows into the Adriatic Sea. The river is longest in Croatia, and it is known for the fact that one of its sources, at Milasevo, resembles an eye, and is therefore called “the eye of the earth”. Lush, untouched vegetation grows along the Cetina.

The Omis zipline is divided into 8 zips, the longest being 700 metres long. Children as young as 7 years can participate in the experience by riding down the zipline and admiring the natural environment and the river below.

The meeting point for the zipline in Omiš is in the town centre of Omiš. From here, the operator’s team will take you to the starting point in Podašpilje. Omiš can be reached in just under 1 hour’s drive from Split and in about 2 hours from Zadar. 

CheckYeti tip: The Cetina is a wonderful river for rafting. So why not combine your zipline adventure with a nice rafting tour on the Cetina?

3) Split, 6 long and high ziplines

In the picture taken during the zipline in Split you can see the panorama of the entire valley.
©Zip Line Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is located on a peninsula on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city is surrounded by mountains which make for a stunning setting. From the top of the mountains, you can enjoy wonderful views of the city and the sea on the horizon.

The Split zipline tour takes place on Kozjak Mountain, just 30 minutes away from the city. The route consists of 6 ziplines of different lengths comprising a total of 2590 m. Children can participate from the age of 10 years. The special feature and highlight of this tour is the 90 meter-long suspension bridge. 

The meeting point is in the centre of Split and is a 2-hour drive from Zadar. From here, you will accompany the provider to Kozjak Mountain. The journey to the start of the zipline will take about 30 minutes.

4) Tučepi, 6 ziplines for fun from 5 years

A little girl doing zilpine in Tučepi.
©Tip-Extreme Travel Agency

Tučepi is a small, picturesque town in Dalmatia. Its flat coastline is surrounded by the massif of Biokovo, a high mountain range that reaches 1762 metres above sea level. This makes the coast very special because it is as if it were protected by a large massif. On top of this mountain, you will find the Biokovo Skywalk, an impressive glass bottom walkway built on top of a precipitous slope that offers a 180 degree view of the coast. 

Equally as adrenaline-inducing and breathtaking, but much more fun, is the zipline in Tučepi. This zipline is located on the outskirts of Tučepi, allowing you to enjoy the views of the beautiful, lush Mediterranean vegetation, the Makarska Riviera and, of course, the Adriatic Sea.

The meeting point is directly at the start of the zipline in Tučepi, not far from the town centre. Tučepi can be reached in 1.5 hours from Split and in 2.5 hours from Dubrovnik.

5) Plitvice, 1 zipline – the longest horizontal zipline in Europe

Two guides help a ziplien participant in Plitvice.
©Zipline Plitvice Pazi Medo

Plitvice Lakes National Park is an absolutely fascinating national park. The unspoilt nature here has created a surreal spectacle where trees surround a series of small lakes connected to one another by waterfalls. Because of its special charm, Plitvice Lakes National Park has been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What makes zipling in Plitvice so special is the way you will descend by lying horizontally and facing the ground. In fact, it is the longest horizontal zipline in Europe. Anyone from the age of 7 can participate, and, besides it being somewhat unconventional in that you’re strapped in facing downwards, , another very exciting feature that characterizes this zipline is that it goes up to 120 km/h.

The meeting point for the zipline in Plitvice is in Rudopolje, less than 2 hours by car from Zadar and just over 2 hours from Rijeka. 

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