Romantic boat trip in Lake Garda: tips for a perfect day

If you are on vacation at Lake Garda, or more generally in northern Italy, and want a short romantic getaway, a boat trip on Lake Garda is just right for you.

Sitting back on a small boat that can be rented as a whole or that you can share with other people, sipping a glass of prosecco and enjoying some typical Italian appetizers, you can experience a romantic boat trip. At sunset or during the day, you will always find the right romantic boat trip on Lake Garda where you can enjoy being surrounded by water and mountains as well as ancient villages and castles

Romantic boat trip to the castles along the east coast of Lake Garda

Two girls toast on a boat at Lake Garda.
©Sirmione Boats

A boat trip to the castles of Lake Garda can be very romantic. The charm of ancient manors, combined with a unique atmosphere and a glass of wine, will create a dreamy moment.

    • Castello Scaligero di Sirmione: This castle, which can be seen in the 2 photos below, is the first thing you see when you reach the historic center. Its dock that allowed the fleet to shelter is of particular interest to many visitors as it’s a truly spectacular sight.


    • Castello Scaligero di Lazise: This castle is actually still inhabited and is one of the best preserved medieval castles in the Lake Garda area. Surrounded by a magnificent garden, the building deserves to be seen from the outside.
    • Villa Canossa: This large and majestic villa, surrounded by an English garden, is a private property and can therefore only be admired from the lake. Its beauty is almost as fascinating and mysterious as the history of the people who lived there. From the end of the 19th century, Alessandra di Rudinì, Gabriele D’Annunzio’s lover, lived in the villa. A woman who did not follow the social norms and who, after scandalising the high society of the time, decided to become a nun.

    • Castello Scaligero di Torri del Benaco: This castle is located a stone’s throw from the port of Torri del Benaco, a town surrounded by greenery. From the boat, you can admire the towers of the castle and the curtain walls.
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Romantic boat trip to the castles along the west coast of Lake Garda

A couple goes on a romantic boat trip to Lake Garda and toasts with prosecco.
©Bertoldi Boats Lago di Garda
    • Desenzano Castle: This 10th century AD castle is strategically located above the harbour. Recently renovated, it is perfect to admire during a boat trip.

    • Padenghe Castle: The castle stands on Roman ruins dating back to the time of Charlemagne, on a promontory not far from the town centre. Equipped with 3 towers, this structure used to welcome people from the countryside who sought shelter when they were in danger.

    • Castello di Moniga: Like the Castello di Padenghe, this castle also had the purpose of providing shelter to citizens in situations of danger, a function that has allowed both structures to be preserved in excellent condition. The walls of the castle surround an area of about 5000 square metres, thereby encompassing several houses.
    • Rocca di Manerba: Numerous excavations have been carried out on this steep promontory overlooking Lake Garda. Traces of Mesolithic, Bronze Age and Roman settlements as well as more recent ones have been found here. The Parco della Rocca is now a nature reserve.

Romantic boat trip at sunset

A couple pose on a boat at Lake Garda at sunset with the castle of Sirmione in the background.
©Sirmione Boats

A sunset boat trip along the most famous lake in Italy is definitely worth it. Comfortably seated on a boat with only a few passengers, you can sip your glass of sparkling wine while admiring the view and the setting sun, as it plunges the sky into a deep red colour. Although this is a shorter boat trip than the others, it is a great opportunity to relax in the evening and take some photos with your loved one. 

If you prefer even more intimacy, you can book a private boat trip at sunset. In this case, the trip is much more exclusive and customisable, and, in addition to wine, you can enjoy an aperitif with music in the background.

Two women enjoy the sunset during a boat trip on Lake Garda.
©Bertoldi Boats Lago di Garda
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