Rafting in Spain: the 5 best rivers

Some may know Spain for its beautiful sandy beaches, its delicious food, or the amazing architecture of its most famous cities, but there’s one thing you may not know, but absolutely should: it’s great for rafting! Rafting in Spain is an exciting activity for first-time AND experienced rafters and it will take you on a thrilling and scenic journey. 

Whether you’re looking to go rafting in the North, the South or somewhere in between, I’ve got you covered with my list of the top 5 rivers to go rafting in Spain. I’ll start with the northernmost spot in the Pyrenees and work my way down until we reach the South in Andalusia. So just keep reading, get an overview of the rivers and their activities, and choose your adventure!

Rafting on the Noguera Pallaresa (Pyrenees)

The Noguera Pallaressa River winds its way through the Pyrenees in Catalonia. It is known to be one of the longest rivers in the Pyrenees and it flows through the impressive natural sights of the Alto Pirineo Natural Park, such as the famous Collegats Gorge. Some tours start in Sort, and others in Llavorsí, a charming Catalonian village. 

This river is a top destination for rafting in Spain. It’s great for rafters of all levels and ages as there is a variety of easy and moderate tours. Whether you’re in the mood for a short 1-hour ride, an exciting tour for families or groups of friends, or even a challenging full-day trip, the local rafting providers can offer you all that! And if you feel like trying something else while you’re there, you can even go canoeing on the beautiful lake La Torrassa.

My recommended provider La Rafting Company Sort:

Meeting point Sort
Minimum age6 years
Average duration of tour2 hours

Rafting on the Gállego (Pyrenees)

Just like the first spot, the Gállego River also lies in the Pyrenees. Its name is derived from its origin country, Gaul, today known as France, of course. If you choose to go rafting in Spain, on the Gállego, your starting point will be Murillo de Gállego, a small village whose impressive landmark cannot be missed: the majestic rock formations of Mallos de Riglos, a breath-taking background for your rafting outing. 

However impressive the sights may be, one of the main attractions of Murillo de Gállego is its river. Some parts of the Gállego are quite challenging due to strong rapids but don’t worry, if you’re looking for an easy tour, the river also has parts where the water isn’t quite as wild. Apart from rafting, you can also try swimming in the river on hydrospeed floaters or give canoe-rafting a try!

My recommended provider River Guru:

Meeting point Murillo de Gállego
Minimum age6 years
Average duration of tour2 hours

Rafting on the Cabriel (Valencia)

The Cabriel is known to be one of the rivers with the clearest waters in all of Europe. You’ll find it in the beautiful region of Valencia. Rafting on the Cabriel is not only a thrilling but also a scenic experience as it will lead you through the Las Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park and its gorge. 

This spot truly is adapted to every type of rafter, as you can choose between easy, intermediate and difficult tours. If you want to get closer to the water and experience the rapids even more intensely, you can try out canoe-rafting in an inflatable two-seater in which you’ll feel even the littlest of waves.

My recommended provider Cabriel Roc:

Meeting point Cofrentes
Minimum age6 years
Average duration of tour1.5 hours

Rafting on the Segura (Murcia)

Just south of Valencia, you’ll find the next destination: the Segura River in the region of Murcia. Rafting on the Segura will take you to the heart of the fascinating Ricote Valley and the rocky Almadenes Canyon. There, you’ll get to discover the area’s fauna and flora, including otters, tortoises, eagles and owls! One tour will even take you to the Los Abrigos del Pozo Cave where you’ll get to see prehistoric cave paintings.

The providers in the area offer 4 different tours: an easy tour on the Segura, a tour that will take you to the Almadenes Canyon and the prehistoric caves, a fun ride on an inflatable banana boat and even a special tour for bachelorette & bachelor parties!

My recommended provider Rafting Murcia:

Meeting point Blanca
Minimum age6 years
Average duration of tour3 hours

Rafting on the Genil (Andalusia)

Last but not least on my top 5 spots for rafting in Spain, let me present to you, señioras and señiores: the Genil, a beautiful river only 1h away from the popular Costa del Sol. The river has a good mix of calm rapids, waterfalls and more challenging waters which makes it a great spot for rafters of all levels

While you can choose between rafting tours for families, kids’ tours and more difficult tours for experienced rafters, you also have the possibility to go canoe-rafting and hydrospeeding on the Genil. The natural landscape of Andalusia will make you want to go back on the raft as soon as the tour ends!

My recommended provider Gualay Aventura Andalucía:

Meeting point Palenciana
Minimum age4 years
Average duration of tour1.5 hours

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