Rafting in Val di Sole: Which tour should you choose?

The choice of rafting tours in Val di Sole is really wide. As such, it is not always easy to choose the tour that best suits your needs. A tour on the river Noce can be done along different sections of the river, making this watercourse very versatile in terms of difficulty levels.

For this reason, I decided to organize the information available on the CheckYeti website in order to make it easier and quicker to compare offers and to choose your next activity. First of all, you can find a table summarizing all the main features of the tours below. Further down, you can read more information about the bases of the providers and the Noce river itself.

For a better view, open the table to full-screen and, if you have already found everything you were looking for, click on the offer title. A page will open. On that page, you can read more information about the specific activity and book. If you need more information, keep reading.

More information about rafting in Val di Sole

What is the tour like:

Usually, participants have to show up at the base of the provider, at least 30 minutes before the activity. Since the provider bases in Val di Sole are very large and full of places to relax in the sun, the providers invite participants to arrive at the base even earlier in order to take advantage of all the services.

After filling out a couple of forms and receiving the equipment, guests can get dressed and will be driven to the starting point in a minibus. Once there, the guides will talk the guests through the route, explain how to paddle, and provide safety instructions. After everyone has been briefed, it’s time to start paddling down the Noce river.

A special feature of the Noce river rafting tours is that the bus that takes customers to the starting point follows the rafts during their descent. This way, if someone is afraid or wants to stop the descent for some reason, the bus can take them to the base.

At the end of the descent, the participants are taken back to the base by bus and can spend the rest of the day in the base.

The river:

You may wonder why they’re all crazy about rafting in Val di Sole. The main reason, besides what was mentioned above, is the great variety in the levels of difficulty, as well as the beauty and majesty of the nature that surrounds the Noce river as it flows through the Trentino region. The uniqueness of the experience that is rafting on the Noce was also confirmed by National Geographic which ranked the river amongst the 9 best in the world and as the no. 1 river in Europe for rafting.

It is difficult to describe a typical route on the Noce river as, depending on the water level, the routes are changed to ensure the appropriate level of difficulty. However, providers only allow children to tackle rapids of a maximum level of 3. When a harder rapid is encountered along the route, the providers will make the children get out of the raft and they will be able to get back in again as soon as the route is safe for them.

The provider base:

With it being a very competitive area, the providers have developed quite amazing bases to service their customers. The most comprehensive base is Extreme Waves’ base which includes a large picnic area, an adventure park where children can play and climb, a broad lawn where you can lie in the sun or, bringing your grills, have a nice BBQ, as well as a gazebo to shelter from the intense heat. An absolute treat for children is the small base farm with donkeys, rabbits and many animals that guests can pet and cuddle. In addition, the base also has changing rooms, showers and everything you need to spend a peaceful and quiet day. Furthermore, the X Raft Val di Sole base also boasts showers, changing rooms and lawns with BBQ grills.

Other outdoor activities in Val di Sole:

A group of kayakers explore the lake of Santa Giustina
©X Raft Val di Sole

Both rafting providers in Val di Sole are also involved in other outdoor activities. X Raft Val di Sole, for example, is very popular for its Kayak tours on Lake Santa Giustina. A half-day excursion that is perfect for all families since children as young as 3 years can take part.

Extreme Waves, on the other hand, also offers bike tours, with the possibility of renting e-bikes on site that make the tour accessible to everyone. Moreover, they organise canyoning tours for small groups of a minimum of 6 people.

Hydrospeed, the activity for the most reckless outdoor sports lovers in Val di Sole, consists in descending the river with a floating board and fins. This sport is offered by both providers but is suitable only for older guests with a minimum age of 15 years.

After reading the article did you decide to try rafting in Val di Sole?


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