Zipline: Your ultimate guide

The zipline is an adrenaline-filled, fun and exciting adventure. If you’ve never tried it, you could enjoy a zipline descent this summer. 

If you are wondering what a zipline is, how it works, who can do it and what to wear, you will find all the necessary information here. 

What is a Zipline?

The zipline is a structure consisting of a steel cable extended from the starting point to the end point. Normally, the starting point is higher than the end point. People riding a zipline are hooked to the steel cable by a harness and, thanks to gravity, descend along the route.

How does a zipline experience work? 

The zipline route is normally a circular route. In general, the base of the provider is located at the end point. Once you have arrived, you will be given a safety briefing, and you will receive your equipment: 

  • Zipline set (pulley, carabiners, safety lanyard)
  • Zipline Safety Harness
  • Helmet

Once you are ready to start, the provider will take you by van to the starting point of the route, where the descent will begin. One by one, you will climb up the platform, get hooked to the line by the guide and set off. If the zipline has several ropes, several people will start at the same time. When you reach the next platform, you stop, unhook yourself from the rope, and move on to the next line. 

In some cases, the provider’s office is not located at the end of the route, which means that they will take you back to the meeting point by minibus. 

Is the zipline an activity for everyone?

A little girl and the guide make a tandem zipline descent.
©Edison Zipline Krk

The zipline is an activity for everyone who is in good health. In fact, you must be able to walk a little through the forest. Although ziplining is not a difficult sport, it is very adrenaline-inducing, and you must be prepared for strong emotions. 

The minimum age varies from provider to provider. Not all ziplines are the same and, depending on the speed reached and the height at which they are located, a higher minimum age may be required. Sometimes a minimum weight is also required, usually 30 kg and a minimum height of 150 cm

How should I be dressed for ziplining?

Although it is summer and it will be warm, once on the zipline, it will be windy. That is why it is important to dress warmly to avoid catching cold. Moreover, unsuitable shoes can be a danger as they can be lost during the activity. Flip-flops and sandals are forbidden.

  • T-shirt
  • Trousers (long or short)
  • Wind jacket
  • Hiking footwear (or sneakers)

Can I try zipline if I’m afraid of heights?

A zipline tour participant enjoys herself.
©Zipline Omiš Croatia

Some providers claim that it is possible to zipline if you are afraid of heights. Some even believe that it can be a way to try and overcome a fear of heights. However, other providers include as a requirement: not being afraid of heights. 

Generally speaking, the most challenging part of ziplining is when you step off the starting platform and start your descent. As the descent progresses, you then relax and begin to enjoy the adventure and the view. 

If you are afraid of heights and are undecided whether to try it or not, one piece of advice I can give is to look at the height above ground that the specific zipline has before booking. Some ziplines are spectacular because they are so high above the ground, while others are not particularly high. If you’re afraid, it’s better to start with something not too high and see what it feels like. 

Where can I try out the zipline?


In Europe, Croatia is undoubtedly the best place to go ziplining. The activity is very popular and new zipline providers are popping up all over the place, offering something new whenever they decide to build a new zipline facility.

LocationProviderNumber of zipsDistanceMinimum age
OmišZipline Omiš Croatia82100m7 years
SplitZip Line Split62590m10 years
KrkEdison Zipline Krk82000m11 years (5 if in tandem with the instructor)
PlitviceZipline Plitvice1700m7 years
TučepiTip-Extreme Travel Agency61000m5 years

If you want to know what are the characteristics of the best ziplines in Croatia, read our article: The top 5 Ziplines in Croatia: which to choose for maximum fun?


LocationProviderNumber of zipsDistanceMinimum age
VarpoljeFunpark Menina – Savinja1010 years
for the youngest (4-9 years) there is a special children’s route
UčjaSoča Rafting104000m8 years


LocationProviderNumber of zipsDistanceMinimum age
ClécyVertig’ Normandie1400m8 years
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