Best Spots for Snorkeling in Malta

Located in the Mediterranean, Malta is a snorkeling wonderland. The island is claimed to be home to one of the most spectacular beaches, sea caves and coves the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its small size, with only 316 km², it offers a wealth of culture, history and unspoilt nature. As a snorkelling enthusiast, Malta makes it on my bucket list of places worth checking out when it comes to exploring the deep underwater world with a diving mask and a snorkel.

With many locations along the coastline of Malta’s archipelago, we gathered the best spots for you to visit on your next snorkeling adventure!

1. Gozo Island: The Blue Hole

Gozo's famous Blue Hole, is a perfect spot for snorkelers and divers.

The island of Gozo forms part of Malta’s archipelago. It is a small island, only 64km2 and 30.000 habitants, and  is at the top of the bucket list for many divers. With endless dive sites, no matter which you choose, you will encounter all types of sea creatures in its crystal-clear waters such as sea horses, squid, barracudas or sea bream. The protected seabed of the Maltese coastline and its many cliffs, rocky seashore, wrecks and inlets create a spectacular underwater ecosystem.

The highlight of Gozo: The Blue Hole

Gozo’s Blue Hole is probably the most sought-after site for snorkelers and scuba divers that visit the island. This geological formation has been carved over the years, creating a natural pool of limestone rock. From the seashore, a shallow turquoise water platform leads to a sudden drop off with deep blue water, creating a dream-like landscape. 

The Coral Caves 

The Coral Cave or Gardens can be found just left of the famous Blue Hole. The main highlight of this site is the seabed and marine life it harbours. This submerged cave has a shallow sandy entrance, ideal for snorkelers.  Although you can go swimming and snorkeling, they are not sheltered from the open sea, meaning swells can change quickly. 

If you want to discover the underwater world without having to wear heavy equipment, you can go snorkeling on your own with friends and family. The easiest way to reach these locations is by taking a boat trip departing from the main towns, or joining a snorkeling excursion with a dive centre. Both are a great option if you want to make the most out of exploring Gozo! 

2. Comino’s Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon

Snorkelers and divers stop at the Blue Lagoon in Comino to explore the underwater world.
© Hornblower Cruises Bugibba

Located between Gozo and Malta’s main island, Comino is a small and peaceful enclave, with only just 2 permanent residents. Comino offers a peculiar character, with no asphalted roads, few cars and almost no buildings, and it has preserved its nature and rocky landscapes with rugged cliffs, two small sandy beaches, coves, creeks and a coastline home to deep caves.

The highlight of Comino: Blue Lagoon

Undoubtedly, the jewel of this enchanting islet is the Blue Lagoon. It is a natural pool with shallow waters, sandy bottom and astonishing spectrum of bluish colours that give name to this magical spot. 

This hotspot is also ranked among our top snorkeling destinations known for its rich underwater life. It’s clear, warm and inviting all visitors to take their mask, tubes and fins with them. The only way to get to the Blue Lagoon is by boat, and there are multiple options to choose from: a shared boat trip, a private boat trip or to rent a small boat and be your own captain. This way you can reach the Blue Lagoon, drop anchor in the bay and spend a day swimming and snorkeling.

Regardless of the option that best suits you, it is highly recommended that you bring your own snorkeling gear, as you will otherwise have to rent or buy it on the boat. Another unmissable spot for swimming and snorkeling is the Crystal Lagoon, located further south. It is surrounded by cliffs and with a depth of 5-6 metres, offers great conditions for snorkeling and swimming near colourful reefs full of marine life! You can find many one-day boat trips departing from Buggiba and Saint Julian’s.

3. Mellieha

A small town in a cove in the enclave of Paradise Bay in Malta.

You don’t need to go out of Malta’s main island to discover amazing snorkeling spots. Many of them are located on its many bays and beaches, including Paradise Bay and Marfa Bay, located north of the island overlooking Gozo and Comino

Here, you will find accessible, sandy beaches perfect for a snorkeling adventure for families with small kids. There is a wide range of activities involving snorkeling such as jet ski and boat rental, both constitute a great way to explore the sandy beaches and rocky coastline near the bay. 

Just like in Comino and Gozo, there is wonderful marine flora and fauna, additionally you can also explore the historic towns and hidden villages that can be found around the coves and beaches. 

4. Saint Paul’s Bay

Saint Paul’s Bay offers an amazing list of beaches and coves worth the visit. Many natural attractions can be found for those who are looking for a casual snorkeling day. Most of its beaches have a pebble shore, but the region of Saint Paul’s Bay offers some of Malta’s few sandy beaches. 

You can choose between going snorkeling directly from the beach shore, or take a boat trip around the island and head to more secluded spots, where usually the conditions are best to go searching for underwater wildlife. In this region you will find a large offer of boat trips and dive centres that offer snorkeling in different spots of the island. 

Ranked as one of the best diving destinations, Malta is a safe choice for snorkelers!  

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