Kids’ ski lessons: group or private lesson?

There are a lot of important decisions to make when choosing a kids’ ski lesson. With or without ski rental, beginner or advanced, half-day or full day lesson – but most importantly, you should decide whether your child needs a group or private lesson.

Some parents may also want to teach their kids to ski themselves. However, we recommend you should only consider doing this if you are an excellent and experienced skier , and if you have the right amount of patience. By signing your child up for a ski lesson with a professional ski instructor, you can be sure that each of the techniques are taught correctly and that your little skier doesn’t adopt bad skiing habits.

You’ve decided that a skiing lesson with an instructor is the best option for your child? Perfect! Now all that’s left to do is make one last – and very important – decision: group or private lessons? The CheckYeti team knows what factors are decisive for a successful ski lesson and are happy to share their knowledge with you:

  • The child’s age and skiing experience

    A child practising skiing with a skiing instructor during a group course.
    In group ski lessons, kids can have fun with others of a similar age

    Usually group lessons are recommended for young kids under 7yrs. The reason for this is that younger children tend to find it easier to learn with others of a similar age. In a children’s lesson, a playful approach is used to help the kids learn the basics. Furthermore, group lessons are a great opportunity to simply try out skiing. If a child enjoys the lesson, it’s generally possible to book further lessons.

    If a child is older than 7yrs, parents can also consider opting for private lessons. The advantage of a private kids’ ski lesson is that the instructor will solely focus on the child’s needs and skills, meaning that progress is generally faster. Developing and improving the skiing technique or correcting wrong habits in kids who already are experienced skiers is also best done in a private lesson.

    Prior to booking a child’s ski lesson, parents should inform themselves about the different experience levels and choose which one would be most appropriate for their child’s age.

    Personality and physical capability

    A child skiing on a slope of intermediate level.
    It’s vital to take your child’s personality into account when choosing ski lessons

    When deciding whether to opt for a group or a private ski lesson, remember to take into account your child’s personality and physical capability. The most important thing is, of course, for the child to have fun, so this is a further consideration.

    If a child has good motor skills and generally learns quite quickly, a group lesson might not present enough of a challenge and might even seem boring. In this case, a private skiing instructor may be the better choice as an experienced instructor will adapt the lesson according to the child’s skills and needs.

    Anxious or very shy kids who have a difficult time being away from their parents should also be signed up for a private lesson. An introverted child will have a better time learning with a private instructor as the lesson content will be suitably adapted to the child’s needs. A private instructor will also be able to motivate the little skier better than in a group lesson.

    However, if your child likes being around other kids, then group lessons with kids of a similar age are idea. In group lessons, your child can  interact with the instructor and also with other kids, who are just as motivated and eager to learn skiing. And, of course, the major plus of group lessons is that kids can make new friends very quickly!

    CheckYeti Tip: Please take into account that a 3hr group lesson is not the same as a 3hr private lesson. A private skiing lesson is a lot more intense than a group lesson and is therefore much more demanding for a child. In order for the child not to be too exhausted and discouraged after a private lesson, lessons should be booked for a  maximum of 2hrs.

    Time and duration of the ski lessons

    A child and a private instructor during a lift ride.
    If you have a tight schedule, then a private lesson is the perfect choice

    While the starting times of group lessons have become more flexible and lessons now start almost every day, a classic kids’ ski lesson still starts on Sundays. The lessons usually last 3 to 5 days and start in the mornings. Families arriving during the week or at a weekend and wanting to maintain a certain flexibility during their holidays should definitely choose to sign up for  private ski lessons.

    Private lessons offer more flexible schedules and a lesson’s duration can be fixed individually. In some cases, it can even be arranged for the instructor to  pick up the child from the hotel or at a fixed meeting point, which makes the planning of the skiing holidays much easier.

    If you plan on skiing yourself whilst your child is at his or her skiing lesson, a kids’ group lesson is recommended. A group lesson has the advantage that children are usually supervised during lunch break. There is the option of letting the children eat lunch with the instructor, however, a child can also be picked up during lunch break, eat with the family and then come back for the afternoon lesson.

    Want to have fun with your family and enjoy more of your child’s company after lessons? Then the best option is to book morning lessons. This way, you’ll be able to practice with your child in the afternoon. The kids can proudly present their new skills and the parents will be able to see their child’s progress.

    CheckYeti Tip: Try to book your child’s ski lesson as early as possible as private lessons in particular become fully booked very quickly. Choose the ideal lesson while planning your skiing holidays and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

    Holiday budget

    Two children and their private instructor on a sunny slope.
    Kids of different ages can learn to ski together if they share a private skiing instructor

    In general, private lessons are more expensive than group lessons. While a private children’s ski lesson may cost more, kids tend to learn the basics more quickly. A further positive aspect of private lessons is that generally fewer are required, as the children learn more quickly. Seen from this viewpoint, a few private lessons may even work out cheaper than a week-long booking of group lessons.

    Regarding group lessons, it is true that it may take a little bit longer for kids to master the basic skiing techniques in a group lesson, however, they may well have more fun as they are with other children of a similar age and and can enjoy mastering their first blue slopes with their new friends. Additionally, discounts are often offered for group lessons lasting several days, making these lessons considerably cheaper.

    Before you decide to put a lot of money into your child’s and family’s skiing equipment, take a look at the ski schools offers. Many offer package deals for group lessons. These deals include the ski rental which means you don’t have to separately book all the equipment. This deal is great for families and kids wanting to try out skiing without having to buy new skis, helmets, and the whole outfit that goes with this exciting sport.

    CheckYeti Tip: Many ski resorts offer “ski instructor sharing” deals where a private instructor is shared between 2, 3 or 4 participants. This is an ideal opportunity for families, groups or kids of different ages to be able to learn and ski together. This generally wouldn’t be possible in group lessons as these are arranged according to age and ability.


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