Learn to ski: do I need (another) ski lesson?

Are you about to book your very first ski lesson? It’s always exciting to embark on a new adventure, isn’t it? Especially when it involves skiing! Everyone at CheckYeti still loves to remember their first time on the slopes. The struggle to stand on the skis later evolves into a unique feeling of gracefully sliding, almost flying, down high mountains while enjoying a breath-taking view on a snowy paradise.

But you might also already have made your first skiing experience and are now looking for some insider tips? No matter your level of experience, a ski lesson is always a great way to improve and perfect your skills. The experts at CheckYeti are about to tell you how not only beginners but also returnees, advanced skiers and even professionals can benefit from a ski lesson.

  • Adopting the right technique from early on: the safe way to success

    A ski instructor teaches a beginner the right technique.
    Experienced instructors help beginners learn the right skiing technique

    Professional support is essential, especially if it’s your very first time skiing. Even if you have passionate skiers amongst your friends, who just can’t wait to pass on their knowledge, you should turn to a real professional expert in the very beginning of your skiing experience. Often, people have to be retaught all the techniques they have learned because they first tried to teach themselves or asked friends to help them out which resulted in them adopting wrong movements and techniques.

    Apart from their long-standing experience, skiing instructors have the necessary teaching skills from their didactic training. An instructor methodically organises a lesson’s content according to the main focus and goal: the correct training and teaching of the basic movement sequences.

    Security is, of course, a major priority in skiing. Instructors are trained to convey the safety rules to all participants which helps prevent accidents and allows skiers to adopt a safe skiing routine.

    The more the merrier: the advantages of group lessons

    Three skiers are sitting on the ski lift and talking.
    A lift ride is the perfect occasion to get to know your fellow skiers © Andre Schönherr

    In the very beginning of a ski group lesson, all participants are separated into different groups, depending on their level of experience. Skiers in the same group can hence enjoy themselves more as they’ll be skiing with others having the same level of experience. This group-system makes sure that the lesson’s pace and level are appropriate for all participants.

    Another advantage of group skiing lessons is that participants can get to know each other and share their experiences and tips for skiing. The most competitive skiers can even have fun challenging other participants to a little race in order to improve their skills during their skiing lesson.

    Furthermore, you can use lift rides or even the lunch break to talk to fellow skiers or your ski instructor and make new friends. This means that a ski lesson not only helps you learn to ski and improve your techniques but also offers a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people with whom you’ll have fun sliding down the slopes together.

    CheckYeti Tip: Talking about meeting new people: ski instructor Thomas Vau offers ski touring lessons for singles in Lech am Arlberg, a skiing paradise in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.

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    Don’t worry about a thing: how ski instructors help you overcome your insecurities

    A ski instructor helping a participant to stand on the skis correctly.
    Ski instructors are always there to help

    Whether participants are afraid of standing on their skis for the very first time, of a ride on the ski lift or even of sliding down a black slope, instructors know what skiers are afraid of or insecure about and how to help. Before or during a ski lesson, a ski instructor usually talks to participants about their skiing insecurities in a one-on-one conversation. That way, the instructor knows what he specifically has to pay attention to with every individual participant. Together, both the instructor and the participant will work on overcoming fears and insecurities when skiing in order for the skier to achieve a certain self-confidence.

    Even experienced skiers may have a difficult time starting to ski again after an injury or a long time off the slopes. Most of the time, even they start feeling insecure on the slopes, which prevents them of really enjoying themselves while skiing. Especially in these cases, a ski instructor can be of great help. Skiing returnees can that way focus on feeling more confident on the slopes while a professional gives them useful tips. With an experienced instructor, even skiers having taken a long break from skiing will easily relearn, or rather reactivate, movement automatisms in no time!

    Learn from the best: improve your own technique

    A skier sliding down a race slope.
    During a race training, one’s own technique can be improved © Skischule Snow Experts Pass Thurn

    The perfect technique – something even the best skiers like Marcel Hirscher, Lindsey Vonn, etc. still try to achieve by training every single day. But just like professionals, amateurs can practice their skiing technique and learn just as well. Learning-by-doing is a quite popular theory and has proven to be very successful. However, learning-by-watching is what works miracles in skiing. As one can only quite difficultly watch oneself skiing, a ski instructor who would analyse the skiing technique and give tips for improvement is definitely recommended.

    A technique lesson is the perfect option for skiing returnees. With a lesson like that, old movements and reflexes will very quickly be reactivated and thus make the big return to the slopes easy. Over the last years, not only the skiing material (e.g. carving skis or the design of ski shoes) but also the skiing techniques have continuously evolved. With the support of an experienced instructor and a little bit of practice, returnees will have no problem getting used to the new circumstances while also picking up old skiing habits.

    CheckYeti Tip: For all skiers wanting to push their technique to perfection, a race training including a video analysis is just perfect! In a lesson like this, a participant’s skiing skills will be recorded and afterwards analysed with an instructor. In Kitzbühel, for example, ski race camps are offered for teens from the age of 12.

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    Get some inside knowledge: instructors share their secrets

    A skier sliding down a deserted slope.
    Ski instructors know where to find the most beautiful slopes ©Andre Schönherr

    Even someone who’d say they know a certain ski resort and its slopes by heart will always benefit from a ski lesson. With a ski instructor, even the most local skiers can learn new things and aspects about the ski resort and maybe get some insider tips.

    As ski instructors know resorts like the back of their hands, they’ll be able to tell their students where to find slopes hardly anyone knows about, when to best use lifts and many more cool tips. With useful knowledge like that, participants can slide down freshly groomed slopes and to enjoy a nice skiing day without having to deal with too many other skiers or long queuing for the lifts.

    While professional instructors may know everything there is to know about slopes and lifts, their expertise doesn’t end there. Whoever went skiing, even just once, knows that there is a lot more to skiing, especially in the evenings: the world of après-ski! Whether one may want to know where to find the best “Germknödel”, traditional Austrian yeast dumplings, the best spots for taking breathtaking pictures, or where to go to for the wildest après-ski parties – simply talking about it with fellow participants or an instructor will get you all the insider knowledge.

    Broaden your horizon: the most exciting off-piste offers

    Three people ski touring up a mountain.
    Ski touring is a great activity for discovering other aspects of a mountain

    Apart from classic alpine skiing, there are a lot of other activities winter-sports enthusiasts can discoverSnowboard or splitboard lessons are just two alternatives out of the numerous others one could choose from.

    The discipline of cross-country skiing, for example, has been further rising in popularity over the last few years. This sport is quite cheap compared to other winter sports as one is not charged for the use of cross-country skiing trails. For those looking to experience a true adrenaline rush, ice climbing or snowbiking will surely suit their taste.

    Another exciting activity is ski touring. The difference between classic skiing and ski touring is that ski tourers actually can go up to the very top of the mountain, where they’ll get to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. In Mayrhofen, ski touring activities are also offered for beginners. What is more, ski touring is an activity where one can burn up to 700 calories per hour! After an intense workout like that, you’ll get to eat an extra “Germknödel”!

    More details on the offers in Mayrhofen >


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