5 outdoor activities in Dubrovnik (with a map) to find adventures near you

The 5 outdoor activities in Dubrovnik that I would suggest to everyone to try, are a great way to experience the city in a more active way and to enjoy the tourist attractions from other points of view.

Turned into a must-see destination after hosting the film crew of the famous Games of Thrones series, Dubrovnik is a city that remains authentic despite its large flow of tourists. This city in southern Dalmatian, with its city walls, towers, cathedral and museums, is filled with fascinating and ancient history. A trip to Dubrovnik is a perfect mix of relaxing on the beach, cultural visits and, surprise, outdoor sports.

Indeed, the city offers a multitude of action, fun and adrenaline to all visitors who like to get active. Kayak tours are perhaps one of the most typical things to do in this Croatian city, but scuba diving, jet-skiing and even a zipline tour can spice up your trip to Dubrovnik.

Use the map to discover the meeting point of all the outdoor activities in Dubrovnik and, if you find one that interests you, keep reading to find out more.

Kayak in Dubrovnik

A group is leaving for a kayak tour in Dubrovnik.
©Adventure Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in Dubrovnik is one of the most memorable experiences you can have in your life. Built to scare the enemy, the city walls will give you goosebumps. Sitting in your kayak in the middle of the sea, you will feel small when you see the majesty of this amazing architecture.

Once you’ve seen the walls, you can visit other parts of the coast. The cliff walls that fall sheer into the sea also make for a fascinating view. During the tour, you will also have the opportunity to admire small caves and breathtaking natural sights.

A famous cave that you can see during the Dubrovnik kayak tours is the Betina cave. It is also a great place to take a break during many of the tours. The beautiful waters, in fact, allow participants to swim, snorkel, or even enjoy the thrill of jumping off the cliffs. Lokrum Island is another very popular attraction during the kayak tours. Not far from the coast, the island is characterised by its unspoiled nature. To add a touch of romance, try the sunset kayak tour. Furthermore, if you are passionate about Games of Thrones, then you should definitely not miss out on a tour of the filming locations for the television series.

Boat trips in Dubrovnik

A tourist takes a picture of the city of Dubrovnik during a boat trip.
©Rewind Dubrovnik by Boat

Near the city of Dubrovnik, there is a wonderful archipelago made up of 13 islands, the Elaphiti Islands. Boat trips departing from the city are an excellent opportunity to visit the archipelago. About 15 km from the coast, the boat ride to the islands is very short, allowing you to enjoy the scenery for almost the entire duration of the cruise. Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan are the 3 largest islands and the vast majority of boat tours take a break at at least one of these 3 islands.

Lopud is perhaps the most interesting island from a historical point of view. Its ruins can be easily visited during a stop-off of the boat tour. Breaks on the smaller islands, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy the crystal clear sea. The boats usually have snorkeling equipment, so you can also see the marine wildlife that is quite abundant in the Croatian seas.

Scuba Diving in Dubrovnik

4 divers are exploring the Dubrovnik Sea.
©Diving Center Blue Planet

The beauties of Dubrovnik are not limited to what lies on land. Under the sea, the submarine environment is very rich in flora and fauna, making it interesting to explore. In Dubrovnik, you can attend scuba diving courses at the end of which you will obtain a license to dive independently. Yet often what you look for is the chance to dive spontaneously. If you want to submerge yourself underwater quickly and without much training, sign up for a trial dive. This way, you can enjoy a scuba diving experience, accompanied step by step by a certified instructor. Without the need for any prior knowledge, you will be able to descend a few meters under the water to admire fish and other marine animals.

For those who already have a license and want to explore the area with a guide, there are numerous spots of great interest. For wreck diving enthusiasts, there are the Taranto and Tomislav wrecks. The former, a tractor, attracts a lot of curiosity because it’s quite uncommon to see a tractor under water. If you prefer natural landscapes a bit further from the coast, the islands near Dubrovnik are recommended. The uninhabited Sveti Andrija, part of the Elaphiti archipelago, Bobara or Lokrum, whose in-land lake connects with the sea is rich in underwater caves, offer very interesting environments for all avid scuba divers.

Jet Ski in Dubrovnik

A group of participants of the Jet Ski excursion to Dubrovnik is leaving the city.
©Gari Transfer

Another way to explore the coast and the city walls, but one that will give you much more of an adrenaline rush than a kayak excursion, is a jet ski tour. Here, your passion for speed will mix with the pleasure of enjoying unique views of the city.

Typically, there are 2 separate tours, one half an hour longer than the other. The route that is usually taken during the tours allows you to admire the city walls, Lokrum Island and the Blue Cave, where you can oftentimes take a break to swim and snorkel in the sea. If you choose the longer tour, you will be able to see more caves.

Zipline in Dubrovnik

A girl admires the view as she takes the Zipline route.
©Zipline Dubrovnik

Riding along a zipline in Croatia is very popular. From north to south, ziplines are appreciated by thousands of tourists every year. Not only do Omiš, Krk and Split offer fantastic Ziplines, but so does Dubrovnik. 250 meters long, the route along the coast will allow you to admire the coastline and the beaches from above. In one and a half hours, you can repeat the route twice, allowing you to observe the panorama in even more detail and thereby creating lasting memories of this truly unforgettable experience.

For your convenience, the provider offers a pick-up and drop-off service from your accommodation in the city of Dubrovnik. This way, you can spend all the time at your disposal to enjoy your holiday in Dubrovnik.

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