Fit for winter #6: Back muscles

Want to be fit when winter arrives? No problem. Experienced ski instructors and SportboXX founder Günther Matzinger have put together a range of effective exercises – for less muscle ache and more fun on the piste!

The programme:

With Ingrid Salvenmoser

Ski school director, Scheffau, Tirol

Ski school director Ingrid Salvenmoser.
Ingrid Salvenmoser

“Skiers who like to move fast need strong back muscles to cushion hits from the piste.”

How it works:

    • Warm up before every workout to make sure your muscles are warm
    • Choose the number of exercises you want to practice, according to your abilities and the desired intensity
    • Ideally start training about 3 months before your ski holiday and do 2 to 3 sessions a week
The colour-coded levels give an overview of the three stages of difficulty.
Use the colours to define the number of exercises you need to perform according to your level of fitness

The beetle

The "beetle" exercise.
The “beetle” is the classic exercise for strengthening the back muscles
    • Lie on your stomach
    • Lift your head, arms and legs off the floor, keeping your face facing towards the ground
    • Rhythmically and simultaneously raise and sink your left arm with your right leg. Then alternate, lifting your right arm and your left leg
    • Relax then repeat as according to the level of difficulty

Windscreen wiper

The “windscreen wiper” exercise.
The windscreen wiper exercise strengthens the back and stomach muscles
      • Lie on your back
      • Bend your legs upwards towards your upper body and stretch your arms out to the side
      • Move your bent legs to the left side and then the right
      • Make sure that your shoulders stay flat on the floor
      • Relax then repeat as according to the level of difficulty

Rocking cradle

The “rocking cradle” exercise.
The rocking cradle exercise strengthens the back muscles – fun factor inclusive
    • Lie on your stomach
    • Lift your legs and arms up off the floor
    • Rock gently forwards and backwards
    • Relax then repeat as according to the level of difficulty

Congratulations! Your back muscles are ready for winter!

Find out here why it’s so important to get into good shape before your skiing trip: Interview with SportboXX founder Günther Matzinger.


I have always loved snow but winter in England was usually more grey than white. Now living in Austria, my kids have inherited my passion for skiing and we make most of every winter, getting out in the snow whenever we can!


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